Tours is easily accessible by all means of transport :
By Road:
Situated at the crossroads of many important axes, Tours is the point of convergence of ten national highways.
The major ones are as follows:
  • Motorway A11: from Nantes
  • Motorway A85: from Lyon
  • Motorway A10: Paris – Tours — Bordeaux (from Northeast Europe to Spain and Portugal )
By Train:
The railway station of Tours / St. Pierre des Corps is well connected by high speed trains to almost all the cities in France and some in Europe
By Air:
Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris with flight connections to with a direct TGV connection to Tours (1:30)
Completely renovated, the Aéroport International de Tours has charter flights.
It is just 10 minutes from the city center and the railway station of Tours. It has daily direct flights to the Stansted Airport (London) and other destinations. A European hub is connected to more than 100 cities in the continent. For more information on Tours - Stansted and further connections, please visit
www.stanstedairport.com or